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ASAD, up and coming electronic music producer

A$AD (pronounced A-sad) is an up and coming electronic music producer in Detroit. He produces a unique mix of electronic music which can be heard from his soundcloud page:
A$AD, whose real name is Anthony Sadlier, choose his name based on his real name. The A being the first letter of his first name and $AD consisting of the first three letters of his last name.

    A$AD started his music career at a very young age. Growing up he played two instruments:  the trumpet and the piano. He learned how to play the piano by ear. He also used to sing and was recognized for his good voice. However, at present, none of his music productions feature his pure vocals. This is something he plans to change in the future, and he plans to use his own voice more in future productions.
A$AD says that he was easily distracted while playing music and always had a strong interest in the meaning of music. One of his biggest inspirations growing up was Hip Hop. Specifically, he cites the hip-hop artist J. Dilla as one of his top inspirations.

     A$AD says that he was also fascinated by watching EDM DJ’s at nightclubs and music festivals. They always seemed to be having a lot of fun moving the crowd and getting them to dance. It was for this reason that he looked into producing electronic music to play at nightclubs and events. Currently A$AD is producing a lot of new music and he has some big release dates that he plans to announce next year.
A$AD says that his latest mix:  “Mondayz.3” is a mesh of original sounds and consists of some of his favorite music. The music all about love, and he wanted it to reveal his true style.

    One of his favorite performances was also his largest. It was when he was asked to play a random pop up set in a cornfield of northern Michigan in the fall with local artist Al Neon. More recently he played at the Sikdope show at Club Fantasy and a festival called the Gobble Wobble.

    A$AD isn’t currently signed with any labels. However, he does work with a production company called Black Sheep Collective, which throws major events in the metro Detroit area. He has also worked with Bounded Vision.  A$AD is also developing plans for several upcoming summer music festivals. He also eventually plans to go on a major tour with  his music partner Jay Vinchi. Additionally, A$AD is working on a new “$ad” merchandise line, set to be released sometime this winter.

Kan Wakan, Music Group Defies Music Genres

    Growing up in the Soviet Union Gueorgui I. Linev’s family did not have much money and they relied on government assistance programs to stay alive. Linev took to soccer and listening to smuggled cassettes from the downtown black market as a way to escape his family’s hardships. Once he and his mother moved to the Idaho Linev lost interest in music and through himself into soccer. He eventually earned a spot at the prestigious U.S. Soccer Development Academy but was soon after diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that halted his plans.
    While undergoing his chemotherapy and radiation treatments Linev began playing guitar as a way to pass the time and became obsessed with the blues, regularly watching videos of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Once Linev graduated high school he attended pre-med classes for six months before quickly realizing that his true passion was music. At 18 years old, he moved to California before he moved to England where he stayed until 2010.
    Once back in California in 2010, Linev formed Kan Wakan as an instrumental project along with lead signer Kristianne Bautista, guitarist Peter Potyondy, drummer Joey Waronker and producer/engineer Darrell Thorp. Kan Wakan is based in Los Angeles and makes orchestral- influenced rock and pop music.
    Kristianne Bautista was born and raised in the L.A. area but she spent short amounts of time in the Philippines throughout her life. Petery Potyondy attended The University of Southern California where he earned a Bachelors degree in both neuroscience and music. Joey Waronker is and American drummer and music producer who is best known as being a regular session musician of both Beck and R.E.M. Darrell Throp is an American record producer, mixer and engineer that has worked on albums for many well known musicians, including Paul McCartney and Radiohead.
    The name Kan Wakan is derived from the Tagalog word “Kalawaka” which relates to space, the universe and the atmosphere. This influence is said to come from the lead vocalist, Kristianne, Filipino’s background.
    Kan Wakan began releasing tracks two years after they formed which earned them KCRW rotation and a contract with Verve Music Group. The group released their first EP in 2013, “Moving On”, landing them airplay on “Morning Becomes Eclectic” and the top spot on BuzzBands.LA’s “Best L.A. Albums” list. Their EP features orchestral parts performed by the Metamorphosis Chamber Orchestra led by Linev’s uncle, Stefan Linev.
    Kan Wakan has been working for the past 24 months on a new album The group will be releasing a triple LP titled “Phantasmagoria” in the coming months. Right now the album is available for pre order, anyone who pre orders the album will not only receive a digital download of the album on the official release date but also immediate downloads of the singles “I Had To Laugh”, “Molasses” and “I Would”. Every order also comes with complete access to an exclusive area on their website that will have bonus content leading up the to release. This bonus content will allow listeners a behind the scenes view of the groups musical process.
    The Kan Wakan instagram page has over 5,500 followers and their twitter page has over 4,500! Their genre breaking music has attracted fans from all across the board.

Lang Lang, A Famous International Pianist

Lang Lang, the first Chinese pianist employed in the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and five major U.S. Symphony Orchestra, won a number of classical music awards, including German classical echo award, the British classical music award, the Bernstein art achievement award, international Mendelsohn award.

Born in a family full of atmosphere of music on June 14, 1982 in Shenyang City, Lang Lang at two and a half years old began to learn playing the piano, by the age of 12 in Germany ettlingen Fourth International Youth Piano Competition won the championship and outstanding artistic achievement award.

At the end of 1997, in the referral of Graffman, Lang Lang successfully with the international famous IMG performance brokerage company signed a contract, since then Lang Lang was on a path toward a professional performer. Finally at 17 years old in the Lavigne Music Festival in Chicago America, when the last note was finished, all 30000 of the audience stood up and cheered, Lang Lang shot to fame.

In June 2004, in the summer forest concert in Berlin, Germany Lang Lang (22 years old) and the famous conductor Simon LVL Jazz together played the concerto: Tchaikovsky's first piano concerto, a live audience of more than 20000 people, and was broadcast worldwide. Lang Lang is the first Chinese pianist to collaborate with the Berlin Philharmonic.

From 2003 Lang Lang began issuing albums, such as Tchaikovsky / Rachmaninov: Piano Trios, which is his debut chamber music album, collaborating with two greatest contemporary virtuoso: Vadim Repin and Misha Maisky; this album includes the works of Tchaikovsky: Piano Trio, and the works of Rachmaninoff: Trio elegy. As well as 2007/DG/ Beethoven First and Fourth Piano Concerto (the CD Title: Beethoven: piano Concertos Nos. 1 &. 4), which was his debut Beethoven Album, also a perfect cooperation of Lang Lang and master Eschenbach conducting the Paris Orchestre. This album also helped him to win the nominations of the 50th Grammy for best instrumental soloist.

Since his debut on the world stage, Lang Lang has been enthusiastic in all over the world to share his ideas and experiences with the kids who are learning piano, and in 2008 in New York he established a Lang Lang International Music Foundation, expecting for the next generation of young people to create better environment and development platform.

Lang Lang loves sports, was the ambassador of Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo, also served as the torch bearer of the Beijing Olympic Games and the London Olympic Games. While Lang Lang as brand ambassador and cultural ambassador of many international well-known brands, together with domestic and foreign brands held a lot of charity concerts, set up a music summer camp, and supported many talented young musicians.

Also keen on charitable activities. In August 2004, Lang Lang as the international goodwill ambassador of United Nations Children's Fund visited Tanzania, Africa, and looked up the children suffering from disease and poverty, and so on. So in 2013 Lang Lang become the twelfth peace envoy of the United Nations, this is also the first Chinese to become a peace ambassador.

Lang Lang is considered to be China's Mozart, the world's most successful pianist, as well as Horowitz in twenty-first Century.

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