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Latest Articles


Road Scholars: Survay Says! Won't Slow Down

In 2008, a time when critics and fans alike were dismissing the idea of any new voices flourishing particularly those of high-energy, riff-based, horn-driven anthemic music. A motley sextet of...


New York Punk Band, "Big Eyes" Getting W…

The well established, octane fueled punk band Big Eyes is holding steady at their ground breaking progress, and showing unstoppable momentum going into this upcoming  winter with booking quickly sold...


Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

The Durham siblings never aimed to form a band; they simply began playing songs at a local pub for the fun of it. The siblings—Kitty, Daisy and Lewis—were eventually asked...


The Story of Sonny Boy Slim: Gary Clark Jr.

Gary Clark Jr's smooth sound is energizing and invigorating yet soothing and evocative; classically soulful, but with a modern sensibility. True to the blues, he sings about universal, timeless topics...


X Ambassadors: Soulful Moody Pop

The X Ambassadors have created music that defies genres. It’s impossible to pigeonhole them to a genre because that’s just not their style. Sam and his older brother Casey originated from...


Blue Foundation

Some artists are just made for the movies; the fusion of song and image has elevated many works of cinema into art. Directors like Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino know...


The Lone Wolf from Down Under: Briggs

Australian rapper Briggs is a self-described lone wolf. “I’m like that kid on the street that doesn’t play well with others.” He’s been known to start twitter wars with fellow...


Ariel Pink

One of the most fascinatingly unique artists of the indie and experimental pop genre, Ariel Pink creates music that deserves to be heard, even if it is not always understood...



This Perth based four piece rock act are already highly successful in their native Australia, having just about done it all in their homeland. They have had records hit number...



With her golden curls and sweet smile, Aliki has won the hearts of many with her angelic voice and inspirational story. Originally born in Greece, the young soprano made her way...