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Latest Articles


Jay Chou, A Unique Singer

Jay Chou, a famous Chinese singer, was born in Taiwan and grew up in a single parent family dynamic while also being raised with the help of his grandmother. She...


Perth Band "The Tommyhawks" Power Up Ahe…

At a time when the music industry’s habit of questionably treating women is in the spotlight, it’s refreshing to see new music continuing to emerge unhindered from all-girl bands. The...


The World Domination Plans of Musician Mary Ocher

If you wanted an extraterrestrial experience, you would normally have to camp outside Area 51, or recite your favorite Scully and Mulder quotes. Now you only have to visit a...


Treetop Flyers

 Like many, I am not a fan of labeling music according to genre. When someone asks what this or that band sounds like I always pause; I look to the...


Junkyard Groove

 Junkyard Groove is an alternative rock band that was formed in Chennai, Tamil Nadu in 2005. The bands initial roster met almost randomly and decided that the Indian rock music...


Kelley Stoltz: Revival of the Fittest

It has been said that one day music archeologists will uncover the music catalogue of Michigan native, Kelley Stoltz, buried in a chest at the feet of the Golden Gate...


Lang Lang, A Famous International Pianist

Lang Lang, the first Chinese pianist employed in the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and five major U.S. Symphony Orchestra, won a number of classical music awards, including German classical echo award...



Hidden away in a remote part of Slovenia was a boy who would creep into his sister’s room to snatch away a few funk, jazz, and R&B sounds off of...